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SignatureCart is a state of the art, web-based Shopping Cart that is designed to easily integrate existing websites via a simple html link. SignatureCart is compatible with all web servers - Windows, Linux, Unix, etc - No hosting updates are required. All the shopping pages are displayed with your existing website's header and footer so there is never an abrupt look and feel change as with some other shopping sites. Customers feel comfortable shopping online store because SignatureCart is hosted on secure (SSL) web pages and sensitive customer data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database - Payment information is accessed by the Administrator from secure, password-protected pages - Not emailed like with some other shopping cart products.

SignatureCart saves you money! eBay® is fine for one-time sales, but when you regularly sell products online, eBay® fees can cost you a fortune! A SignatureCart rental is a fixed monthly fee, so you pay the same low fee even if you sell hundreds of products per month!

SignatureCart provides an extensive "Back Office" suite of utilities that simply the creation of your products - There is no need for costly web-programming each time a product is added to the store. And SignatureCart collects valuable customer information so the store owner can stay in contact with the customer base to keep them informed about upcoming events, sales, etc.

SignatureCart is a simple and secure way for an existing website owner to quickly begin capitalizing on the power of Internet sales.

Shopping Specifications

  • Select Category
    • Customer clicks Category from list
      • Product Category is top-level selection, e.g. "Women's"
      • Product Category is defined for each product by Store Administrator
    • Sub-Categories images and captions are then displayed
      • Sub-Category is next-level selection, e.g. "Shirts"
      • Sub-Category is defined for each product by Store Administrator
  • Select Sub-Category
    • Customer selects Sub-Category by clicking image or caption
      • Products are displayed with image and caption
  • Select Product
    • Customer selects product by clicking image or caption
    • Product and description are displayed
      • Description is defined for each product by Store Administrator
    • Magnifying glass is displayed next to product
      • Larger view of product is displayed if magnifying glass is clicked
    • Attribute drop-downs are displayed for selection by customer
      • Attributes are defined for each product, e.g. "Color", "Size", "Quantity per box"
    • Quantity drop-down is displayed for selection by customer
  • Add to Cart
    • Quantity and Attributes are selected by customer
    • Customer then clicks "Add to Cart" or "Back to Shopping"
    • If "Add to Cart" is selected, then the product is added to the Signature Cart and the View Shopping Cart page is displayed
    • If "Back to Shopping" is selected, then the customer is returned to the first shopping page (Select Category page).
  • View Shopping Cart
    • Displays list of all products in Signature Cart along with selected quantities and attributes
    • Customer can update quantity or remove product from Signature Cart
    • "Check Out" and "Back to Shopping" buttons are displayed
    • Check Out page is displayed if Check Out button is clicked
  • Checkout
    • Shipping Method and State drop-downs are displayed
    • Changing Shipping Method causes Shipping Price to be re-calculated and displayed
      • Shipping price is based on Shipping Method and purchase amount
        • Shipping methods and prices are established by the Store Administrator
    • Changing Ship-to-State may cause sales tax to be assessed (typically when the Customer's state is the same as the point-of-sale state).
      • Sales tax and State are established by the Store Administrator
    • Returning customers are asked to log-in
      • Customer information is automatically pre-populated
    • Customer may click "Same as Shipping Address" checkbox to automatically fill-in the shipping information
    • Customer enters credit card information or selects "Pay by Check"
    • Customer then selects "Confirm" button to complete checkout
      • If any required field was left blank, an error message is displayed with the appropriate required action
      • For all credit card transactions, if all required fields have been completed the transaction is submitted to the Banking Gateway Server - An appropriate error message is displayed if the credit card was denied
      • Available Banking Gateway Servers
    • Once the checkout has been successfully completed, the following actions are taken:
      • A printable Receipt page is displayed containing the Banking Gateway Server's transaction ID and sale number for this sale
      • An email is sent to the customer
      • An email is sent to the Store Administrator
      • The database is populated with the sale information and may be viewed by the Store Administrator

Store Manager Specifications

  • Main Menu
    • Password-protected entry point for all Administration pages
    • Once logged-in, displays list of links to Administration pages
  • Products
    • Create/Edit Products
      • Short Description
      • Category
      • Sub-Category
      • Long Description
      • Price
      • Cost
      • SKU
      • Weight
      • Image name
      • Small image name
      • Taxable? Yes/no
      • Shippable? Yes/no
      • Show online? Yes/no
      • Attribute - "Size", "Color", etc.
        • "Bronze" - 10 Attributes per product max
        • "Silver" - 20 Attributes per product max
        • "Gold" - 50 Attributes per product max
    • Create/Edit Attribute Values - "Large/Medium/Small", "Red/Green/Blue", etc.
      •  "Bronze" - 10 Attribute Values per product max
      • "Silver" - 20 Attribute Values per product max
      • "Gold" - 50 Attribute Values per product max
    • "Bronze" - 100 Products max
    • "Silver" - 250 Products max
    • "Gold" - 500 Products max
  • Sales
    • View/Process Sales
      • Search for sales by any combination of:
        • Sale Number
        • Last Name
        • Sale date range
        • Shipped? Yes/no
        • Voided? Yes/no
      • Displays the following Sale information
        • Sold to
        • Ship to
        • Payment information
        • Items purchased (description, price, quantity)
        • Shipping, tax and purchase total
        • Customer comments
        • Printable invoice/packing list
      • Sale information that may be entered/updated on this page
        • Ship to
        • Paid? Yes/no (for check orders)
        • Void? Yes/no
        • Refunded? Yes/no
        • Shipped? Yes/no
        • Airbill number
        • Date shipped
        • Comments
        • Shipping method
        • Transaction ID (from credit card approval)
        • Payment information
  • Customers
    • Manage Customers
      • Used to email selected groups of customers
      • Search by one or more of the following
        • Customer Name
        • Product
        • Sale Date
        • Customer's State
        • Paid (y/n)
        • Void (y/n)
        • Customer wants emails (y/n)
      • Enter Email Subject and Body text
  • Utilities
    • Create/Edit Shipping Rates
      • Shipping Method(s) - "UPS", "US Mail", etc.
      • Purchase amount breakpoint (e.g. "less than $5.00")
      • Shipping Cost
      • Shipping Info (e.g. "2-5 business day delivery")
    • Create/Edit Sales Tax
      • Taxable State (e.g. "CA")
      • Sales tax percentage
      • Taxable shipping cost - Yes/No
    • Help Menu
      • Instructions for each Administration page



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